Looking for the perfect spot for your new home? If you don't already own land, finding the ideal location for your new home can sometimes be a bit tricky. We can help you with that and set-up a home for you wherever you wish offering full turnkey packages. If you would prefer to do this on your own we can offer guidance with permits, site preparation and hook-up services. The choice is yours.

Below is a list of some of the communities designed for modular homes in the Southern Alberta region which includes both owned and lease land developments. Or if you have another location in mind, we can help you with that as well.

Lease Land Developments


Bridge Villa Estates

Phone #: 403-320-6333 | http://www.parkbridge.com/en-ca/residential/Bridge-Villa-Estates

Parkview Estates
Phone #: 403-327-4765 | Parkview Estates

Westside Trailer Court
Phone #: 403-381-6711 | Westside Trailer Court - West Lethbridge


Coalhurst Communities

Phone #: 403-381-3322 | http://keystonecommunities.ca/listing/coalhurst-community/


Station Grounds

Phone #: 403-345-2100 | http://www.stationgroundsalberta.ca/

Garden Grove

Phone #: 403-345-4554 | Garden Grove

Medicine Hat

Tower Estates

Phone #: 403-527-5105 | Tower Estates - http://keystonecommunities.ca/listing/tower-estates/

Fort Macleod

Macleod Meadows
Phone #: 403-553-2188 | Macleod Meadows

Owned Land Developments


Phone #: 403-634-7470 | The Seasons - http://theseasonsab.ca/